About Us

The Jungley Way


Live the Jungley way!

We explore and research the most innovative and stylish materials from around the world, and use this to design and create our products. 

All our items are vegan, cruelty-free, sustainable, and made in harmony with nature. 

Our new luxury accessories are lovingly made by hand using a range of new materials and alternatives to leather, including teak tree leaves, banana leaves, lotus leaves, and even upcycled truck tyres!

Each of our leaf leather products are strong, non-tearing, waterproof, durable, and tactile just like traditional hide leather, but the difference is that these products come with added good karma points!

Ultimately, our philosophy is to create wonderfully stylish things in partnership with nature, without hurting animals or the environment, and to support crafting communities around the world with fair and ethical pricing.

We want to maximise the impact we can make on the world - that's why for every item sold we plant one tree, working with verified global reforestation partners.